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Ouya gaming console raises $2 million on Kickstarter, doesn't know what to do with it

Sharif Sakr

When we first detailed the Ouya $99 Android-based game console yesterday, we had a feeling it would become a hot property over at Kickstarter. But still, there's no way we anticipated this: the project has just raised $2 million in its first day, having sped past its initial $950,000 goal within a record-breaking 12 hours. Now, in an email to backers, the project has asked for feedback on its "stretch goals" -- in other words, what it should do if it makes even more cash and is able to set its sights on loftier ambitions. If you're a backer then check your email, if you're a potential backer then check the source link, and if you're a traditional VC then weep.

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