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Metal Gear Solid 4 finally getting Trophies [Update: Konami confirms]


Soon you'll be able to play 2008's Metal Gear Solid 4 in a way that counts toward your all-important cumulative PS3 game score. According to an early report out of Famitsu, a Japanese budget re-release in August will be accompanied by the long-awaited patch to add Trophies to the game. The budget "The Best" version will have Trophy support included, but a concurrent patch will add it to existing copies.

According to Andriasang's source, Kojima Productions will hold a Metal Gear anniversary event in Tokyo on August 30, during which Hideo Kojima will announce something new, related in some way to the data-sharing "Transfarring" feature found in Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. Specifically, "Transfarring" was a test of part of the "vision" for this new game.

Update: After a closer look at the Famitsu article, Andriasang reports that the arrival of the Trophy patch has not been explicitly tied to the August release of the budget version. However, since the budget re-release will support Trophies natively, it follows that the patch would be ready around the same time.

Update 2: Konami's official Twitter account confirmed that a patch and a new game version are currently in the works.

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