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Game of Thrones Seven Kingdoms releases its first trailer

Eliot Lefebvre

We know a little bit about the game, but up until now, nothing has actually been seen of the upcoming Game of Thrones Seven Kingdoms. But the wait is now over, as a trailer for the browser-based game has been unveiled to show off some of what players can expect when the game finally goes live. And if you're hoping for the opportunity to cross swords with rival houses in a massive political battle... well, that does seem to be on the plate.

There's admittedly not too much that can be displayed via a trailer running under a minute long. But the trailer does show off the graphics and some hints of the combat, which looks to be very much a matter of skill. Check out the full trailer just past the break, and keep your eyes open for more information as the game ramps up for more reveals at San Diego Comic-Con.

[Update: George R.R. Martin himself has also posted the video and the original press release. He notes that he'll be at SDCC checking out the game at the Dark Horse booth.]

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