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Where have all the refurbs gone? Apple's online cupboard is bare (Updated)


Update 7/15: Refurbs are back in stock!

Was there a run on last year's MacBook Pro models? A surge of orders for the factory certified, previously owned iPod nano? The reasons may be mysterious, but the symptom is oddly clear: everything -- yes, everything -- is out of stock in Apple's refurbished product section of the online Apple Store.

Readers Charles and Joel tipped us off today that something was up, and sure enough when we looked there was nothing at all to buy in the discounted departments. Macs, iPads and iPods are all showing as "out of stock" in the US store special deals section.

It's likely that the refurbished models will show up again soon, although there's always the chance that Apple is reworking the way it handles sales of those items. Refurb products are generally sold after having been repaired to Apple's standards, and carry a one-year warranty; they're often a good bargain for slightly older gear.

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