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Blizzard raises over $330,000 for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Anne Stickney

Were you lucky enough to get a server blade? What's a server blade, you ask? Server blades are pieces of hardware, and in the case of WoW, they're pieces of hardware that once housed realms from World of Warcraft. In October of last year, it was announced that Blizzard would be auctioning off these collectible and frankly, awfully pretty items via eBay.

As for the proceeds, they were headed toward St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, an organization dedicated to finding a cure for cancer and other catastrophic diseases that affect children. It was an amazing fundraiser for an equally amazing cause, and today Blizzard posted the results of the auctions. Over $333,000 was raised for the cause, and Blizzard has posted a heartfelt thank-you on the official site. $330,000 is a pretty astonishing number. Frankly, it's moments like this that make me step back, smile just a little and take a whole lot of pride in the gaming community.

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