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    Daily iPad App: Owney: Tales from the Rails captures a piece of American history


    Did you know that the US Postal Service has a mascot and you can visit him at the National Postal Museum in Washington, DC? To learn more about this little-known piece of American history, you should install the Owney: Tales from the Rails app on your iPad.

    Developed by the Smithsonian, the Tales from the Rails app is an illustrated story about Owney, the post office dog that traveled around the world with the mail. It goes into great detail (69-pages long) about Owney and his many adventures that span almost ten years. The story is narrated by country music artist and actor Trace Adkins and is accompanied by a pleasant music track that draws you into the story.

    It's a family-friendly tale that's definitely geared for kids, but parents, who have never heard the story of Owney, will enjoy reading the digital book along with their children. Owney: Tales from the Rails is available for free from the iOS App Store.

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