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Nokia 808 PureView flashes backstage pass, shows off video chops


When it comes to smartphone photography and videography, the Nokia 808 PureView is the truth. We glowed about the device's optical prowess in our in-depth review, but some of you still may not be convinced. For the skeptics still out there, we present you with Exhibit A: a clip from an 808 taken at a Foo Fighters cover-band gig. Cacophonous sound, constant lighting changes and front men with long flowing locks swaying to and fro... there's no doubt that a rock concert is the place where a video camera can prove its mettle, especially when it comes to audio. Slide past the break, crank the video quality up to 1080p and watch Nokia's 41-megapixel machine do its thing. Be sure to pay special attention to the audio clarity and feel free to pay homage to the 808's Rich Recording engine in the comments.

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