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Halo 4 Xbox 360 console bundle revealed, costs a legendary $400


Are you in the extremely unique position of being a big Halo fan and not owning an Xbox 360? Microsoft's hoping that's the case, as the publisher is releasing a special Halo 4-themed version of its Xbox 360 alongside the game this November – altogether, the whole shebang will run you 400 big ones.

Beyond the snazzy console and the game itself, you'll also get two branded wireless controllers, and a less thrilling generic black headset. And you'll have plenty of space for all those Forge-created maps with the 320GB hard drive built-in.

It looks like Microsoft doesn't want anyone to see its bundle just yet, however, as the listing was taken down from Microsoft's web store after IGN spotted it. We expect to hear more official news on the bundle in the coming weeks (or whenever Microsoft's marketing team decides to acknowledge the leak).

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