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RED5 remote control plane can fly like an eagle, spy like one too


RED5's Spy Hawk might look like the stuff of a hobbyist's dreams, but it's not such an innocent craft. The remote control glider does precisely what its moniker implies, melding one part recreation with that other time-honored tradition: espionage. That's right, aspiring CIA-types can get a headstart gathering intel by relaying video captured with the nose-embedded, 5-megapixel camera to the transmitter's built-in 3.5-inch LCD screen. And lest that precious recon get lost, an included 4GB SD card will let you safely save it all for a rainy blackmail kinda day. There's also an autopilot stabilization feature to keep it upright in windy conditions, but temper your excitement, as the drone's 7.4v Li-ion battery is only rated for 15 minutes of uninterrupted privacy invading flight time. If you're spidey senses are a-tinglin' just knowing this sneaky toy plane exists, prepare to make peace with $305 (£249) and pre-order at the source below.

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