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This weekend's Mass Effect 3 event is 'Operation Broadside'

Jordan Mallory

Hey buddy, still bummed out that your hand-knit N7 armor didn't arrive from Etsy in time for this year's San Diego Comic-Con? Well, just because you can't go rub elbows with cardboard Gundams and all the other cosplayers, that doesn't mean you can't spend your whole weekend pretending to be a highly-trained marine in the Systems Alliance military.

Operation Broadside, which lasts until Monday, July 16, puts an emphasis on getting the hell out of dodge: Individual squads are tasked with successfully extracting at least one squad member from a Gold-level Reaper engagement. Meanwhile, the Alliance as a whole is striving for 400,000 successful squad extractions from any Reaper conflict. Squads that complete the Squad goal will receive the standard Commendation Pack, while all participants will receive a Victory Pack and a Medi-Gel capacity increase from five to six, provided the Alliance's overall goal is accomplished.

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