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First Adventure Time footage shows Giant Worm King, Cosmic Owl, promise

Jordan Mallory

We're big fans of Pendleton Ward's Adventure Time series around these parts, what with its perfect blend of humor and mysticism and child-like wonderment and everything. In fact, Ward's vision of our magical post-apocalyptic future in the Land of Ooo is so unique and tonally specific, it's been hard to believe that WayForward could properly capture that essence.

After seeing this footage of Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?!!, however, we're starting to feel a little better about it. The action appears distinctly Zelda II-ish, with Jake the Dog and Finn the Human navigating top-down overworlds and side-scrolling sections. Hopefully this trend of reassurance continues as we approach the game's fall 2012 release window.

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