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Apple recruitment video takes us inside Infinite Loop


A new video was recently released by Apple for recruiting purposes, but perhaps most interesting for us, it is a quick glimpse inside the company's culture. Yes, it's an official video, so things don't get down and dirty at all, but there are definitely some good looks inside the offices, as well as some of the high-quality design thinking behind Apple's extraordinary devices.

Developing the iPad 2 Smart Cover, for example, apparently involved what sounds like a very complex computer simulation of a magnetic field. As one person in the video says, "You don't really know how much work goes on under the surface, but there's a lot."

The video also shows how single-minded Apple can be about quality. They even say that they usually just ignore what others in their markets have done, aiming instead to make whatever they think is the best. That sounds like sort of a risky tack to take (why pass up past research, right?) but obviously it's worked out well for Apple so far.

You can check out the video below.

[via OBP]

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