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Woz's backpack brings new meaning to "overpacking"


If you were a genius who helped create the first Apple computer and have since then been able to pretty much do whatever you want, wouldn't you carry around a crowded backpack as well?

Steve Wozniak has listed out just what he happens to carry around on his back every day, and the entire list (via Gizmodo) is something to behold: Almost ten iPhones and iPod touches, two iPads, countless adapters and cables for everything, multiple Game Boys, multiple earplugs and headphones, too many cards to even list, and pens, laser pointers, accessories and clip on lights, and everything else (although a few items are carried by his wife). It's a wonder the man is still standing given how much technology he's carrying around in that backpack everywhere.

Here's the question I have, however: Just what kind of backpack is this? I can barely fit all of my technology in a huge shoulder bag when I go out on assignment, and I'm not carrying a fourth of the stuff that Woz is. I'm more curious about what he holds all of this stuff (and how he's able to haul it all around) than what's in there.

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