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WWE '13 Collector's Edition features Stone Cold Steve Austin


THQ announced a special collector's edition of WWE '13 that features legendary pro wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin. The Austin 3:16 edition of the game includes a DVD/Blu-Ray about Austin's career, signed art, and Austin's in-game attire and classic ATV ring entrance. The collector's edition version is priced at $79.99 and is available for pre-order now on THQ's site, which lists the Austin 3:16 edition for PS3 and Xbox 360, not Wii.

A tie-in with the oft-hilarious Texas Rattlesnake fits with THQ's "Attitude Era" approach to this year's game, which will see the inclusion of Mankind and Mike Tyson. WWE '13 is slated to Irish whip players off retail ropes and into a scoop slam, a two-count pin attempt, figure four leg lock, rope break, and a chair shot to the head when the referee isn't looking ... all on October 30.

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