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Amazon Kindle alum overseeing Ouya production, hiring

Jordan Mallory

Muffi Ghadiali, an alumni of Amazon's internal Lab126 (the team responsible for developing Amazon's Kindle line of products), has been keeping an eye on every aspect of Ouya's production according to an update to the project's obscenely successful Kickstarter campaign.

"My job at OUYA is to ensure that we meet the needs of gamers and developers," Ghadiali said in a missive to supporters in the update. He cites the Ouya's inexpensive build design and his own personal experience bringing products to market as reasons that "this can be done."

Ghadiali also updated on the device's forthcoming SDK, saying that the company wants it available as quickly as possible, and that it'll be "pretty simple to start, using the existing Android SDK and adding the ability to promote your game, and to charge OUYA customers." In one last note for supporters concerned about wireless connections, Ghadiali added: "And we heard your feedback: yes, yes, we'll add an Ethernet jack. We have a lot of consoles to make, so I wouldn't expect too many more changes to the spec."

Ouya's Julie Uhrman concluded the update by saying "Muffi is also hiring some engineers to join our team. So if you know the Android OS well, and want to help us make OUYA, hit us up." No specific contact information was given, though she did say that "you can figure out a way to get in touch with him." Our professional suggestion: carrier pigeons.

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