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Archos 97 Carbon breaks cover at the FCC


Archos' recently outed 97 Carbon is the poor man's Android slate... intentionally. Part of the French outfit's low-cost Elements line, the 9.7-inch ICS tablet saw an official unveiling earlier this month and is now making an obligatory step-and-repeat at the FCC. We've already been given the full rundown on the tab's innards -- single-core 1GHz CPU, ports for HDMI-out, micro-USB, USB, dual camera setup and vacant microSD slot to complement the 16GB of storage onboard -- so there's not much new info to glean from the filings, aside from some candid lab shots. Regardless, feel free to hit up the source below to tour it all, or just navigate your way to an online retailer if you'd rather own this one IRL.

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