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ARGO Online's biggest content update goes live today

MJ Guthrie

The additional high-level content that fans have been anticipating for ARGO Online is finally here! The biggest content update for the steampunk free-to-play game goes live today and includes an increased level cap, a new flying continent, and a PvP arena.

The new flying continent of Naviruo is designed with content for characters level 50 to 55 and contains more than 400 new quests, over 300 new types of monsters, and seven additional dungeons. Lower-level characters might not be able to survive the new continent, but they can enjoy the new PvP arena that allows players from level 30 on up to participate in duels on one of three different maps. The PvP-minded can also enjoy the new battlefield Arathidis Valley, where 18-man teams can face off.

[Source: ProSiebenSat.1 press release]

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