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Nissan Leaf, GE WattStation embroiled in charging damage shocker, invite other EV puns (update: full GE statement)


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Hopefully, you haven't paired up your Nissan Leaf with a GE WattStation for charging; if you have, you might want to power up with Ye Olde Wall Outlet for a short while. GE has confirmed to the New York Times that some Leaf drivers have encountered "problems" after charging up their EVs from WattStations. What problems? GE isn't going into detail, but a Nissan regional manager claims that the charging systems of 11 Leafs have been damaged after plugging into a WattStation. Whether or not there's a crisis or a coincidence is still up in the air at this stage. Nissan isn't issuing any warnings or recalls, and GE will only say that it's "actively working" with the automaker to find the root cause. All the same, we'll be cautious until the companies turn a new... you guessed it.

Update: GE reached out to us with the full statement, which you'll find in the comments below. The company is mostly touching on what it mentioned earlier, but it's adding that the WattStation meets the needed SAE and UL standards. Other EVs haven't encountered problems to date.

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