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VestGuard UK Ballistic cover will protect your iPad from tablet-related gunplay

Brian Heater

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If you find yourself in the position of regularly having your iPad shot at, VestGuard UK sure has the tablet case for you. The Ballistic cover is made of "cutting edge uni-directional aramid fibers processed to a high tolerance in VestGuard's state of the art facility" that make it possible for the case to stop bullets from a 9mm handgun. In other words, the company's bulletproof claims are "not a metaphor," as stated in the post-script of its press materials. And judging from its current selection of products, which include body armor, de-mining helmets and Kevlar gloves, the company knows a thing or two about heavy duty protection. Not a lot in the way of information on availability at the moment, however, since the covers are not quite ready for sale.

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