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Apple plans second North Carolina data center, avoids the 'Deep River Blues'


Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina if you're an Apple data center. The Winston-Salem Journal reports that the folks in Cupertino have filed plans with Catawba County officials for a second 21,000 square foot "tactical" data center that will house 11 rooms and carry a $1.9 million price tag. Mechanical permits outline the need for 22 air conditioners and 14 humidifiers alongside fans and heaters for the building that will nestle up to the existing construction. This is, of course, on the same site that will be home to two 20 megawatt photovolatic arrays and a hydrogen fuel cell facility when all is said and done. Here's to hoping the alternative energy-powered construction catches with other tech giants, too. Lookin' at you, Facebook.

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