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Breakfast Topic: What made you play WoW?

Alex Ziebart

Two nights ago on WoW Insider's Twitter feed, we posed a question to our followers: If you could ask the entire WoW Insider audience one question, what would it be? Among the numerous gag questions such as 10g plox and y u no use better grammar were a few that were a little more compelling -- compelling enough that we're actually going to ask our readership those questions!

Today's question comes from @KingOfGaems, who asks: What made you play WoW?

My answer to that question is extremely simple. I started playing World of Warcraft back in 2004 because every single one of my friends was also playing it. We all checked out the open beta together and unanimously decided to play Horde. Every one of us started out as Forsaken characters; I chose the rogue. I was really terrible at playing a rogue, it turned out.

A couple of months later, we all rerolled Alliance to join a bigger guild (of which I am still a member). When I rerolled, I ditched the rogue and picked up a priest instead. I was much better at playing the priest, and nowadays I can say that I'm a pretty darn good rogue, too. Those first months were just awful, though. I brought shame upon rogues everywhere. Sinister Strike spam with white-quality daggers and no poisons? Yeah, that's me.

What about you? What made you first play WoW? Did you start back in vanilla WoW with friends? Did Mr. T's night elf mohawk reel you in?

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