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Puddle oozes onto PS Vita next week


Puddle has been available on the PS3 since January, but next week PS Vita owners will be able to download the perplexing puzzle-platformer on their handhelds. Developer Neko Entertainment added some extra spice to the PS Vita version of Puddle, including an option to skip the tougher levels (you pansy!) and interact with menus using touch. Plus, there are now options for different control schemes such as tilt, rear touch-pad, L and R triggers or simply using the left stick.

"After we released the game on PS3, we worked hard to get a better handle on the game's mechanics, so we'd be able to deliver a new version of Puddle on PS Vita," Neko Entertainment's QA Manager Sebastian Chipot said in an announcement post on the PlayStation Blog. "We paid particular attention to feedback from PS3 players when working on the PS Vita version," he added.

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