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RuneScape reaches 200 million users mark

MJ Guthrie

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You could say RuneScape has grown a bit since its launch way back when. In fact, Jagex has just announced that the popular free-to-play browser game has reached 200 million users! Hailing from over 150 different countries, RuneScape players could actually make their own country: The game's population is almost nine times that of Australia and over three times that of the United Kingdom.

Jagex released other fun facts relating to the booming populace of RuneScape. For instance,
players catch more than eight billion fish each year (enough to encircle the globe 20 times), amassed 58,000 times more gold than is held in Fort Knox, and have logged more than 443 billion minutes of game time since launch. Twenty-seven players meet their death every second.

For the next three days, RuneScape is holding a celebration worthy of this achievement that includes a newly discovered demon with 200 million hitpoints! Join the festivities in-game and check out some screenshots, including a comparison shot of Druids Circle then vs. now, in the gallery below.

[Source: Jagex press release]

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