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Allods Online gives a glimpse of new expansion areas


The Allods Online community is aflame with excitement over the upcoming New Horizons expansion, and gPotato seems determined to keep throwing fuel on that fire. Today the company posted a brief overview of all seven new allods (zones) coming with next month's update.

These new allods range from the spooky, gloomy region of the Lost Expedition to the lush, untamed Jungles of Mboa-Mboa. There's also the demon-plagued Black Rampart, an all-female city called Fenia's Cloister, the murky depths of the Underwater Kingdom, the toasty Cinder Vale, laboratory-run-amok Zone 51, and Metal Municipality, a city undergoing civil war. All in all, it looks to be a diverse travel itinerary for any adventurer.

GPotato recently posted the trailer for New Horizons.

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