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Champions Online provides players with vital news reports

Eliot Lefebvre

Villainy is afoot in Champions Online. That alone isn't noteworthy; the game is sort of based on the premise of villainy always being afoot somewhere. But there are new faces organizing the villainy, and these individuals are the subject of a new post dedicated to the news of the world. The Cult of the Red Banner has been stealing seemingly valueless heirlooms, Gravitar has been apparently promoting herself via local property damage, and CEO Franklin Stone appears to be murdering his enemies quietly... all issues that heroes will no doubt be called upon to resolve.

Do you want your previews with more substance and less fluff? Then you may want to jump on over to the latest UNTIL Field Report, which lists several of the features the development team is currently testing or designing. That includes vehicles, repurposing instanced crafting areas, and the option to "gift" XP to other characters on your account. So even if you don't want to read the news, you've got something to catch up on.

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