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Jelly Bean now available to Nexus S via OTA download, we coat our phones in more sugar

Zachary Lutz

It's already possible to force Android 4.1 onto your Nexus S without much trouble, but for those of you that prefer life on easy street, then kick up those heels: many carriers have now made Jelly Bean available for OTA installation. The good news comes from Google itself, which has listed T-Mobile, Three, Rogers and Vodafone among the carriers. It doesn't stop there, however, as MobileSyrup also reports that Mobilicity and Wind users are also receiving a similar bit of Android 4.1 love. We've confirmed the rollout here in the US with T-Mobile, where the 114MB download is currently only available for download via WiFi. Seeing that it's Friday night, seems like a perfect opportunity to take Google Now for a spin, no?

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