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T-Mobile USA gives black HTC One S to hard-working staff, leaves other Americans turning green


International HTC One S buyers might look at the black version like it's humdrum, but if you're an American who's had no realistic choice but to get the gray T-Mobile edition, black is a rare and coveted thing. T-Mobile knows this all too well, and it's using the micro arc oxidized hue as an incentive for loyal employees: work diligently enough, and a black One S with native T-Mobile HSPA+ is yours. There's no word from the TmoNews tipster as to whether or not the color will ever reach the buying public, which could make it a rare collector's item for Android lovers -- not to mention a mild form of torture for HTC enthusiasts. The optimistic among us are hoping that it's a sign of phones to come and that both black as well as gray can live in harmony on T-Mobile shelves.

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