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Final Fantasy XIV patch 1.23 scheduled for July 26th


Final Fantasy XIV Executive Producer Naoki Yoshida has a few words for die-hard fans of the title: "Rebirth, challenge, reform, and -- last but not least -- Final Fantasy." This is in reference to the game's upcoming version 2.0 launch, which will happen not only in existing territories but also in the brand-new region of China (brand-new to Square-Enix, that is; China's been around for a few years now).

In a new producer's letter, Yoshida promises a "flood of info" from now until the relaunch. The first part of that flood is news that patch 1.23 will be going live on July 26th. The patch centers around an epic battle that will cap the current storyline, as well as a new skirmish and the summer festival.

Also coming to the game are skimpy bathrobes known as yukata. As you can see above, they're not for the modest amongst us!

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