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Hideo Kojima discusses Metal Gear's history, promises Fox Engine reveal Aug. 30

Xav de Matos, @Xav

On August 30, in Japan, Kojima Productions will reveal its future with the debut demo of its Fox Engine – the tech powering the company's next, as yet unannounced game. Legendary game director Hideo Kojima revealed the demo date (which corresponds to a Metal Gear 25th anniversary event) in a post on the PlayStation Blog focused on the anniversary.

Despite crafting one of the industry's most celebrated series, Kojima remembers certain struggles with the project: "I was a designer for Metal Gear Solid, but I was not a producer, so I had no say in the budget, release date, or promotion of the game. I remember when they told me what the release date would be and I had no say in the matter ... these are bitter memories for me," he said.

The franchise's surge in popularity (and sales) helped Kojima's team think bigger for each subsequent project; however, it was visiting other teams that helped Kojima Productions set up for its own future with the Fox Engine. "In order to develop the Fox Engine, I had to understand how things worked elsewhere, so for a year and a half I visited studios around the world, and since we are Japanese people we were able to see the way others worked and recognize that in many respects their methods were better than ours." Kojima notes that the PSP release of Peace Walker came from the desire to work on a new project while the long work on the Fox Engine was unfolding.

It's unclear what shape (or camo) the August 30 reveal will take, but we're hoping the link of the Fox Engine to the Metal Gear anniversary will spell something big for the stealth franchise.

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