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The Daily Grind: Are you sick of raid progression?


If there is one concept I would love to see struck from every MMO past, present, and future, it's raid progression. "Progression" even sounds like slow, tedious, unrewarding work, and since I already have a job, I kinda like my video games to be about having fun rather than about spending my evenings inching through raid content designed to kill me repeatedly and make me cry when we get that stupid two-hand axe for the 20th time and not the gear we need to keep... progressing for progression's sake.

Raid "progression" is problematic on multiple levels. Games with raid progression create unnatural barriers to entry in guilds (who'd want to recruit someone who's a tier behind in content?). The trappings of raid progression cause powercreep and shatter balance in seemingly unrelated content (like PvP). Only a small number of people ever get to take part. And come the next expansion, of all your progress is effectively nullified.

So what about you Massively folks? Are you also sick of MMO "raid progression" being a thing?

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