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Amazon Gold Box discounts games all day, starting with SSX


It's time for another all-day Gold Box for games on Amazon, during which the retailer will attempt to shake out any money you didn't blow over at Steam. The sale is headed by an all-day 50 percent discount on Brave games, but also offers limited-time deals on things that aren't necessarily based on Disney films.

Things like SSX, for example, which is on sale right now for $35. Find more after the break.

  • 11AM EDT: "This game will have your knees shaking as you feel like you're truly in the ring." Probable game: WWE 12
  • 1PM EDT: "Action RPG Meets First Person Shooter - Game of the Year Edition!" Probable game: Borderlands Game of the Year Edition
  • 2PM EDT: "Lightning strikes in the great groundbreaking collector's edition" Probable game: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Collector's Edition
  • 6PM EDT: "Enjoy your vacation with this horror thriller" Probable game: Dead Island
  • 8PM EDT: "Feel the Payne!" Probable game: Max Payne 3
  • 11PM EDT: "For the serious fighting game enthusiast!" Likely a FightStick or FightPad from Mad Catz

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