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Nvidia releases 'A New Dawn' graphical tech demo


Nvidia has released an update to its famous Dawn technology demo, putting the exhaustively rendered fairy in an environment that's as lushly portrayed as the original character. This latest version for GTX cards features full DirectX 11 tesselation, with over four million triangles making up the vines and forest bark. Dawn's hair is also shown in much more detail: The original version had 1,700 strands that couldn't move, and this version realistically renders 40,000 strands of hair, reflecting light at various angles.

The fairy's skin is also updated with a feature called "sub-surface scattering," which allows light to enter a surface for a short distance, and then bounce out at a number of angles. This allows the skin to look more real, as opposed to glowy or translucent.

If you have the appropriate hardware and want to run the demo yourself, it's available for download from Nvidia right now. As Nvidia says in the official blog post, "let's hope games catch up to her real soon."

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