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Pixar Image Computer surfaces on eBay, $25k will let you buy it now


Still have another cube-shaped hole in your vintage computer collection? Then you may be interested in this rare specimen that's currently up for auction on eBay. Long before Pixar produced its first feature film, it sold the Pixar Image Computer, a high-end system developed at Lucasfilm and intended for a variety of professional uses (from medical to meteorological applications). As the eBay seller notes, the computer also has a distinctive "tombstone" design, with the Pixar logo emblazoned on the front (not to mention a matching CRT). Unfortunately, the seller isn't able to verify if the computer is actually in working condition as it's missing a power cord, but that little detail hasn't gotten in the way of a $15,000 starting bid and a $25,000 buy it now price. Pricey, to be sure, but a steep discount from its original $135,000 selling price.

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