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Pixar Image Computer: Yours on eBay for a cool $25K


So, you purchased a mint condition Apple I at an auction, have every model of Mac Quadra and Performa ever made, use your NeXT cube every day, love your working Newton MessagePad and QuickTake 100, and you're looking for something Apple-related that will finish off the collection. How about an ultra-rare Pixar Image Computer?

There's one selling on eBay with a starting bid price of US$15,000 and a BuyItNow price of $25,000, and at the time of publication there were still no bids. This is a very unique piece of equipment tied to Steve Jobs and Apple. The Pixar Image Computer was originally developed by the Computer Division of Lucasfilm. When Steve Jobs purchased that division in 1986, the Pixar Image Computer was made commercially available.

Pixar Image Computer Yours on eBay for a cool $25K

At the time, you would have paid $135,000 for the privilege of owning this piece of gear. It was aimed the medical, geophysical, and meteorological visualization markets, and was never meant to be a consumer device.

The seller says that he's unsure if it's in working condition as he doesn't have a power cord with which to power it up, but he was able to turn on the monitor. Get your bid in now, as the auction ends on July 26 at 4:42 PM PDT.

[via Cult Of Mac]

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