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Shadowrun Online changes business models during Kickstarter push

Eliot Lefebvre

There's little debate over whether or not free-to-play is a viable business model, but there are some legitimate concerns over its implementation when mixed with PvP. That's a concern that's been raised by Shadowrun Online fans as the game pushes for Kickstarter funding, and it's one that the developers have addressed in an update on the game's business model. Rather than following a straight free-to-play model, the game will be moving forward under a model more reminiscent of Guild Wars.

At launch, the game will retail for $39.99 (Kickstarter backers will be able to get the game at the $25 donation level), with a new "campaign" launched every three or four months at $14.99. Cliffhanger Productions isn't fully replacing the free-to-play model, as both the campaign option and the free-to-play option will be launched on separate servers to support both business models. It's a far-reaching change based on community feedback, and it should be interesting for fans to see how this affects overall donations to the ongoing funding campaign.

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