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Square reaffirms existence of Versus XIII, continues not to show it


Final Fantasy Versus XIII, it seems, may still be a project in the works at Square Enix. After rumors this week put the game out to pasture, CEO Yoichi Wada tweeted last night, "It seems someone is spreading a false rumor about Versus being canceled." He added that he had just exited "a regularly scheduled meeting for Versus," and that "if you were to see the city etc. presented today, you wouldn't be able to stand from surprise."

Wada's talk, of course, doesn't change the fact that the game disappeared over a year ago. Having been announced back in 2007 2006, news about the game has been spotty at best. It wasn't at this year's E3 Expo or at last year's Tokyo Game Show. The last trailer we saw was back in January 2011.

The last news we heard was that the game was getting help from Square's gorgeous Luminous Engine – could that mean it's making the jump to next-gen? We don't know, but you should probably watch this Luminous Engine demo and think about that possibility for a bit.

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