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Where in Warcraft: The difficulty ratchets higher


If you're going to keep getting these right within such a short time of my posting them, you're asking for it. I won't stand for this! So let's see if this one isn't quite so easy. I'm kind of hoping it isn't -- and if it's too hard, well, I'll come back again and make it easier. But somehow I doubt it will be too hard, knowing you people, and next week I'll find myself trying to make it harder again.

The very first commenter, Deyoue, got the right answer first for the last picture, and an honorable mention goes out to SamLarrimore for expanding on Deyoue's description with coordinates and somewhat enhanced directions. But Deyoue had it first -- big congratulations to you, Deyoue. I tip my hat to you and your WoW exploration knowledge!

This week's Where in Warcraft image, as you might notice, has been somewhat doctored. It comes to us in its raw courtesy of Xelophant of Bloodhoof (US). Thanks very much, Xelophant; I loved this suggestion.

For this week's answers, I'm looking for the exact location, and I have to be able to find my way to the location via your description. As ever, your guesses have to be in a new comment to be counted, not in a reply (or it's impossible for me to tell whether or not the chicken preceded the egg!). Good luck -- not that you'll need it!

There's so much in Azeroth (and Outland!) just waiting to be found. Tip us off. If you've found a fabulously quirky landmark, hidden treasure, or special hideaway somewhere in Warcraft, drop me a line at with your screenshot. You could be featured in a future edition of Where in Warcraft!

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