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3DS has sold 19 million units to date worldwide


Along with its earnings release, Nintendo issued updated life-to-date sales totals for its currently released hardware. The 3DS reached 19 million units worldwide as of June 30 – coming up on the GameCube's lifetime 21.74 million quickly, and beating Nintendo's earlier 18.5 million projection. Its predecessor, the DS, continues to widen its lead over every other platform ever, at 152.05 million. And the Wii creeps toward 100 million, with a worldwide total of 96.56 million units.

As for quarterly sales, Nintendo typically issues a list of games that sold at least one million copies in the period. This list usually includes a lot of "evergreen" games, like Wii Fit, New Super Mario Bros. and Mario Kart Wii. Surprisingly, for the quarter that ended June 2012, only one game made the list: Pokemon Black Version 2/White Version 2, which sold 2.45 million copies, including 30,000 outside of Japan – despite not being released outside of Japan.

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