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Breakfast Topic: If you could play WoW with anyone, who would it be?

Dawn Moore

I was sitting in my super comfortable chair the other night, staring out my window and taking in the view, when a question suddenly came to mind. I quickly rang my friend, and without taking the time to give a proper greeting, I posed the question: If you could play WoW with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be?

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"Like, the person would be in your guild. You'd be able to talk with them on Mumble and raid, PvP, or run 5-mans with them. Whatever you want." It was essentially the "if you could have dinner with anyone in human history" question but with a WoW twist.

"Hunter S. Thompson," he replied, after taking a moment to think. "Or Morrissey. Poe would be fun to play with, too."

"I could see Thompson doing all right, but I dunno about Morrissey." I told him. "He'd probably be terrible at the game. A keyboard turner."

"Yeah, he'd probably refuse to heal the raid and just stand there asking what the boss had done that we had to kill it. Probably play a holy priest."

We then went on to discuss what tier set Morrissey would transmog his gear to. (We settled on tier 3 because it's unobtainable.) Later, we considered whether George Washington would make a great raid leader.

So who would you pick? Be sure to include your reasoning and what class the person would play.

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