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Choose My Adventure: The indie edition


It might be your time up there, but it's my time -- my time -- down here! For this latest edition of Choose My Adventure, I get to hand out a selection of odd little games for you to vote on, and then for the next month and change, I will stumble my way through the title. At your direction and with your help, of course. The trouble is that I have already played darn near everything. I've downloaded and tried so many games that I simply can't remember them all. So, what to do?

Well, I decided to give a mix of games a chance at several weeks coverage here on Massively. I picked out an assortment of browser games, independent titles, and lesser-known client-based MMOs. Hopefully you will steer me the right way, and if I am lucky, I won't even have a horrible time. I chose games that I know have a robust community in the hopes that plenty of voters will turn out. The key is to get the word out there, so if you have a favorite, go tell your community!

But first, click past the cut and vote on the game you would like to see me tackle for the next several weeks. Just don't expect to see triple-A games on the list!

Clone Wars banner
Clone Wars Adventures is one of my favorite games to jump into and just have fun. It's built on the Free Realms engine, which fits perfectly. I can make my way through adventures all day if I don't watch it, completing puzzles and destroying enemy droids. If I started new in this game, there are a lot of decisions to make. What armor should I wear? What should I concentrate on: the Force or brute force? This would be a great choice.

Kingdom of Loathing banner
I covered Kingdom of Loathing before but really didn't enjoy it. In hindsight, I was not able to dive deep enough into the game to get to the real meat of it. The community turned out to be very nice, and I always promised to return and get a better look. This might just be my opportunity. The community seems more than willing to come out and vote... if they hear of the experiment.

Drakensang Online banner
This browser-based chop-'em-up is a beautiful game, but I think it's more than just another Diablo-clone. Drakensang Online has some nice character art and fantastic dungeons, and recent updates promise to add more depth to the game. Also, there would be quite a few things to choose from when it comes to polls, and I imagine the community would be more than willing to help me find my way.

MilMo banner
Anyone who knows me knows how familiar I am with MilMo. It's simply one of my favorite browser-based games, but it's also much more than that. It has such a charming spirit and a wonderful simplicity that I had no hope of resisting it from the first time I found it. What class would I roll? Where would I go to figure out mysteries? What weapons should I concentrate on? Given the game's large Brazilian audience, I would hope that I'd have no problems scoring some votes for this one.

AdventureQuest Worlds banner
AdventureQuest Worlds adds on new content every single week. The last time I played, I came across a quest that involved They Might Be Giants, a massive terrarium, and an evil sorcerer. The music and production quality is top-notch, especially if you consider how much content the developers pump into this title every month. I could see myself needing help in so many ways as I played this one, so here's hoping the players could give me a hand!

Wakfu banner
As much as I love Wakfu, I found myself staying away from it. It's a bit overwhelming, but I can run it on my basic notebook if I need to. Heck, who knows... maybe I can even run for office in this game? There would be factions to join, classes to pick from, and questlines to go after. This might be my only chance to truly explore this game. There's a lot to see in the world of Wakfu, but I can't do it alone. Vote for this one if you want to see something different.

Zentia banner
I still consider Zentia one of my favorite free-to-play MMOs of all time. It quietly provides charming, hardcore gameplay along with wonderful lore and intriguing minigames. I've gone some distance in this game but look forward to making a new character on a new server: PvP or PvE? You decide, obviously.

Mabinogi banner
I am no stranger at all to Mabinogi, but as the last few play sessions have taught me, there is always something new being added to the game that I must learn. Mabinogi is the type of game that makes me wish I had kept up with it all these years; it's simply that deep and complex. You could help me decide to become a trader, literally running goods from town to town, or a fighter, conquering dungeons and killing monsters. A new character would be a challenge, but I look forward to it. I might even pull out one of my extra characters that I never leveled but has continued to gather AP points in the hundreds. Vote for this one if you like unusual.

Allods banner
Allods Online is plain beautiful, and lately my play sessions have shown me that the game has become much more player-friendly and easier on the wallet. I never had a problem with the cash shop in the first place, and I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is. Would I buy a mount and ride off in the sunset or (goodness forbid) roll an Elf?

Runes of Magic banner
I remember first playing Runes of Magic with a few podcast and scene friends of mine, including Massively's own Shawn Schuster. Since then, I have hardly touched the game, but I tried to keep up with developments through Jeremy Stratton's columns. I know it has a lot of depth and a lot of opportunities for decisions to be made with your help. What do you say?

Vote below, but bear in mind that the idea is to pick not the most popular game but rather the one that sounds the most interesting to you -- the one you want to hear about for this run of the column. Hopefully you won't send me into several weeks of boring gameplay! I doubt it, though... I picked out some good games. You have a week to vote!
For this round of Choose My Adventure, Beau Hindman wanted to try something different -- different for you, anyway. So he's diving into the world of browser, indie, and offbeat MMOs! Come back every Wednesday to vote on what he does next; goodness knows he needs the help. Tweet feedback to him at @Beau_Hindman!

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