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Firefall's Dreadnaught gets a serious beta tune-up


Red 5 Studios Designer Justin Hanson is hard at work on making Firefall's combat the best it can be, and he's openly discussing the changes that the team's been making to the Dreadnaught battleframe (read: class).

The Dreadnaught is a close-range fighter with impeccable durability, giving him the survival edge in any given battle. The team recognized that players were stacking accuracy modules to make him a good ranged fighter, so the devs tweaked the machine gun to make it semi-inaccurate at all ranges. The class now requires skill and planning to get within range, whereupon it can start mopping the floor with the competition.

Dreadnaughts now have an option to replace their machine guns with thermal machine guns. These offer more accuracy at range the hotter they get, but its rate of fire is slower and it can overheat and shut down.

Hanson goes on to relay some of the other weapon and skill changes that are meant to tighten the Dreadnaught's focus and make it an interesting class for talented players.

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