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Shadowrun Online details new business model, shows off gameplay footage

Shawn Schuster

Cliffhanger Productions announced an additional payment model last night, right in the middle of its current Kickstarter project to bring Shadowrun Online to fans everywhere. Today, Executive Producer Jan Wagner released a new developer video detailing that new payment model, referring to it as one "similar to Guild Wars" in which you purchase the game once and can play as long as you'd like.

Wagner says that the game will be playable not only as an MMO but as a single-player game, and there will be PvP. In fact, with the mention of upcoming expansions and the way hub cities work, it seems that Shadowrun Online has more than just a business model in common with Guild Wars.

You can check out the entire dev video, including some great in-game footage, just after the cut below.

[Source: Cliffhanger Productions press release]

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