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Latest City of Steam dev journal highlights the Ostenians

MJ Guthrie

Although the people of Ostenia aren't getting much attention from City of Steam's alpha players at the moment, developers have shined a spotlight on the fun-loving, romantic Ostenians in the game's latest dev journal. So what sets these folks apart from other people on the Mechanism?

Perhaps most notably, the Holy Kingdom of Ostenia is strongly influenced by the Church. The people are seen by outsiders as zealous and preachy, but not just about their religion. In fact, Ostenians are highly opinionated and considered preachy on any subject, even mundane topics like cooking.

But the religious distinction is just one part of Ostenia. The kingdom is home to one of the richest and most diverse cultures on the Mechanism due to the fact that the nation is actually created from the uneasy alliance of two distinctly different lands: Ancien Royaume, an inland feudal kingdom, and Nuovo Regno, sacred church-run lands on the coast.

If our summary piques your interest in the people, be sure to check them out during City of Steam's alpha weekends.

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