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LotRO dev diary discusses mounted combat momentum, Farmers Faire goes live

MJ Guthrie

In Turbine's latest developer diary, the spotlight shines on the highly anticipated feature of mounted combat in Lord of the Rings Online. Although the video is short, developers share various details about the new combat style, including the fact that traditional skills can be utilized along with new skills like charging. Senior Game Designer Allan Maki talks about momentum, a new element introduced in mounted combat by which war steeds will have the ability to speed up over time, building to top speeds that will increase the damage of skills when players get to their target. You can catch all the details in the video after the break.

Turbine has also released screenshots showcasing the Farmers Faire, the seasonal in-game festival for players beginning in Hobbiton. The inaugural Farmers Faire, postponed from last week, kicks off today.

[Source: Turbine press release]

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