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Mountain Lion: Get your RSS button back in Safari 6


One of the most irritating omissions from Safari 6 -- the default Web browser in OS X Mountain Lion -- is that the RSS button has been removed from near the address bar. In fact, Safari no longer supports RSS feed reading natively, either. The feature page for Safari on Apple's site makes no mention of RSS now, leaving Mac users to rely on other browsers or standalone clients for RSS reading.

Even with the removed reading capability, the RSS subscribe button is missed. It made it a one-click solution to subscribe to an RSS or Atom feed on any website providing such a feed. Now developer Daniel Jalkut (Red Sweater Software) has stepped in with a free, "beta-quality" Safari extension to bring the feature back to Safari 6.

The Subscribe to Feed extension (link to blog post) adds a button to your toolbar that, when clicked with a page open that is offering an RSS or Atom feed, opens the feed:// link and opens your default news reader. If a website doesn't offer a feed, the button remains grayed out.

It should be noted that if a website already provides an RSS button, clicking it performs the same action. However, Jalkut's extension works well for those sites that do not have an obvious RSS button but are still providing a feed.

Many thanks to Daniel for this outstanding service to the Mac community.

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