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Planetside 2 beta starts next week, new cinematic trailer starts right now

Jordan Mallory

Planetside 2's closed beta will begin "NEXT MON OR TUESDAY BARRING ANY UNFORSEEN CIRCUMSTANCES," according to an all-caps tweet from SOE president John Smedley. Invitations to the beta, which Smedley refers to as a "real beta" and not a "marketing gimmick," will automatically be sent to everyone that ever subscribed to the original Planetside.

Additionally, anyone without a Planetside history that is interested in testing out the new digs can opt in to the program on its official website. Invites are being sent out in waves, with priority given to active Planetside subscribers, inactive past subscribers and then opt in entrants, in that order. Can we somehow opt in to the beta while opting out of being stabbed by invisible robots? Seems like a downer.

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