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Report: Ashton Kutcher is going method as Steve Jobs


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Ashton Kutcher is currently shooting the first of two Steve Jobs biographical movies coming out soon, and the reports from the set via RadarOnline are that he's taking the role very seriously indeed.

Crew members claim that Kutcher is trying to stay in the role of Jobs around the clock, demanding perfection and work from crew members even when it's not really appropriate. "He was preparing for a scene the other day where he had to fire a bunch of people and he got himself really worked up," says a source from the set. "We were taking a break between filming and sitting around relaxing when Ashton walked past and screamed at us, 'If you are just gonna sit in these fu**king cubicles like you're at home you might as well stay at home.'"

Does that sound like Jobs? "Everyone thought he was actually yelling at us to leave," the report goes on, "we didn't realize first of all that he was just 'being in character.'" During the actual filming of the scene, Kutcher's Jobs was asked if he was going to fire everyone, and the crew member says the character just serenely responded, "Probably."

We'll have to wait and see if the method acting works, I guess. Kutcher's film is called "Jobs: Get Inspired." James Woods, Dermot Mulroney and JK Simmons are also cast in the film, and it's set to come out next year.

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