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Chitika: Mountain Lion accounting for 3% of web traffic


Web tracking firm Chitika has a stat that's actually not all that surprising: Mountain Lion downloads accounted for a relatively huge percentage of web traffic this week. For all web traffic coming to and from Mac computers, Mountain Lions downloads specifically make up 3% of the total. And when you consider just how much bandwidth is being used, that means that Apple almost certainly sold plenty of copies of the new US$19.99 operating system.

Chitika also did the math, and believes that Apple users downloaded 2.11 million copies of Mountain Lion in just the first 48 hours after release. Obviously, that's downloads, not purchases -- it's possible that users purchased the OS without downloading it. It's also possible, however, that users were able to download the software without paying for it (through promotional or other means). But even if 90% of those downloads were legitimate purchases, Chitika calculates that Apple has picked up $38 million in revenue from Mountain Lion already.

Pretty phenomenal. The lower price and digital delivery options have apparently made Mountain Lion an early hit. We'll have to wait for official figures (and there may be even more adopters over the weekend, when people have time to actually upgrade an OS), but already, it seems like Mountain Lion is a nice success for Apple.

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