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Apple's new Mac ads feature a helpful Genius


My first thought, when I saw Apple's trio of new Mac ads that premiered during NBC's Olympics coverage last night: "Was it a deliberate casting choice to go with a guy who would remind us of Ferris Bueller?"

This Genius Bar stalwart -- who does wear his blue shirt and badge everywhere he goes, including to bed -- is called upon to help the hapless, helpless guys he encounters on a plane, on the street and at his front door at four in the morning. (Fans of the Upright Citizens Brigade will recognize improv star Matt Besser as the freaked-out father to be in the Labor Day spot.)

Early reaction to the ads is mixed, but I enjoyed them. True, they might push the hokey/jokey needle a bit too far in the direction of broad humor (and they do portray Mac owners as fairly clueless dudes who don't cope well when their spouses have birthdays or babies). But the Genius's role as the facilitator of creative work with iPhoto and iMovie helps to remind the audience that when they buy a Mac, they buy into an ecosystem of support and a community of users that can help them get things done -- and also a nearby Apple store staffed with friendly Matthew Broderick clones.

All three ads are embedded below, or you can watch them on Apple's YouTube channel. If you have a favorite, let us know in the poll.


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