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AT&T's Garnet Red Galaxy S III for vampires: we go hands-on


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While AT&T's been flaunting a rather patriotic red, white and blue Galaxy S III lineup since launch, the carrier's exclusive Garnet Red handset's been rather elusive so far, with pre-orders starting July 15 and deliveries expected July 29. If you've been eying Samsung's blood red $199 flagship, you'll be happy to know that we received our review unit yesterday and snapped a bunch of pictures, including comparison shots with the white and blue models. The phone is identical to its siblings other than the burgundy screen bezel and back cover, and the gunmetal rim running along its edge. It's a pretty gorgeous color scheme that's sure to attract vampires everywhere. Still unsure? Peek at our hands-on gallery below, then sound off in the comments.

Gallery: AT&T Galaxy S III Garnet Red hands-on | 27 Photos

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